Running a business means having enough money to cater to different expenses. Nonetheless, there comes a time when that can be hard to achieve, especially when you have unpaid invoices and the business is at its low peak season. You should consider asset-based lending to ensure your operations remain afloat in such circumstances. Most business people do not understand this phenomenon, making it necessary to go through this article keenly to understand better what asset-based financing entails.

Definition of Asset-Based Lending

Asset-based lending, also known as ABL, is a type of financing that you secure with the assets you have in your enterprise. Most of the funding you get from this option is tailored and structured as revolving credit lines. Such structuring allows you access to proper funding to cover your business expenses or even take advantage of lucrative investment opportunities before your competitors do so.

Benefits of ABL


Most ABL lenders have flexible terms for this funding type and fewer restrictions on spending the money, as long as you use it for entrepreneurial purposes. One of the critical advantages of getting this lending is that the amount you get can increase as your sales grow, considering its value depends on your accounts receivable and assets value.

High Liquidity

The liquidity of asset-based financing is incomparable to other credit lines. That means it is pretty resourceful if your company is experiencing rapid growth, having cash flow issues, or getting seasonal revenues.

Easier Qualification Requirements

Lenders of asset-based loans have less stringent requirements, unlike traditional bank loans where the financer considers your credit score. When getting an ABL, all you need is valuable assets, the best being your accounts receivable. You can include your business equipment and inventory as additional security.

Less Costly

A loan’s cost is one of the critical considerations you should make when getting any funding type. Asset-based lending is much cheaper than other options, such as factoring. This lending comes with lower interest rates as compared to other funding types.

Getting the necessary money to keep your business operational is crucial if you want to succeed in the corporate world. You should consider contacting Scarlan Capital Group today to ensure you get all the assistance you need to continue thriving in the business world.