As a first-time entrepreneur, you may be struggling with getting all your work done in a reasonable period of time. It is challenging to work from home, especially when you are trying to build a business. You probably feel as if you spend more time on your company than any other activity. It is easy to feel burned out. However, these are tips to improve your productivity and motivation.

Let Yourself Rest

You will start out with a much more productive day if you have a full night’s rest. Your sleep cycle has a significant impact on your creativity and focus, so when you skimp on sleep, you tend to take more time to do the tasks on your list.

You may also schedule power naps in times when you lack energy, feel unproductive, or get easily distracted. Allowing your brain and body to rest for a few minutes can recharge you and prepare you for the rest of the day.

Schedule Time Blocks

As a new business owner, you have a wide variety of tasks. You may even try to multitask, jumping from one task to another or trying to do more than one thing at a time.

Unfortunately, this strategy often works against you, causing distraction and wasted time. Don’t forget to prioritize your tasks and do them in order of priority.

Try building a schedule of 25-minute time blocks. Spend the entire work period on one task. Then, schedule five-minute breaks, where you don’t do any work. During your break, you can check your social media or email, write down ideas or tasks and get a snack or some water. Then, get back to work on a task during your next block. If your tasks don’t take the full 25 minutes, take your break early, but strive to move on to your next task, and block, after a short break, not an extended period of time.

Schedule in Some Exercise

Mild exercise, especially walking, is a great way to recharge yourself during a break from your work. You can take a long walk after you finish one of your blocks, but don’t stretch each of your breaks into long periods.

You can also walk while you are doing some of your tasks, such as phone calls and meetings, day planning, considering solutions to work challenges, or writing down any notes you think of. Your walk will improve your health and help you release stress as you increase your productivity.

As you begin to implement some of these tips, you should experience increases in your focus and productivity, giving you small and large wins every day.