A business’s need for capital never stops. When you are starting out, you will need funding for the various expenses associated with opening a business. And when you are growing, you will need funding to expand or keep moving in the right direction. If you are in the growth phase, you will need to assess your situation to determine whether you need funding. Here are some signs that your growing business may need additional financing to survive.

Growth or Expansion

The growth phase comes with specific projects that will need funding. The expansion that you do will depend on the type of business you are running. However, some common expansion projects that a growing business may encounter include:


Renovating existing space

Hiring more staff

Expanding to new locations

Offering more goods and services  

When looking for financial assistance for these projects, be wise about it, as these are projects that either make or break your growth plans.

Cash Flow

To succeed, you need to learn how to manage your cash flow. From time to time, a business can encounter negative cash flow. This can be caused by various things such as seasonal fluctuations or the need to stock up on inventory. If you do not get funding assistance to boost your cash flow, your business may not survive.


If your business is growing, you will need an extra set of hands. But are you aware of the cost of hiring a new employee? If your budget does not allow you to reduce funding in other aspects to cater to the new employees, then you will have to seek funding.


Your growing business will be exposed to different types of risks. As an entrepreneur, you need to have saved up at least six months worth of cash for operating expenses. On those days when business is going through tough days and you are not making sales, you will have money to pay bills and employees.


You need to be creative and innovative to remain competitive. As a growing business, you are competing with large businesses that have already established themselves. Depending on the nature of your business, innovation can be getting new technology or offering new products. Because innovation is important for business growth, you may have to get funding for this business need.

If you are a growing business that has encountered any of the signs mentioned above, get in touch with Scarlan Capital Group. We offer capital solutions to businesses to ensure that they remain competitive and achieve their goals.